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Custer Village Council
Custer, Michigan

President: Lon Reader, Clerk: Margaret Griswold
Trustees: Ron Bacon, Mike Genung, Lyle Reene, Dan Reinoehl, Carlton Sanders, Mark Tellie


In 1994 the Village of Custer started planning the replacement of our Village Sewer system. This involved working with the residents on financing the construction of a replacement sewer system.  In addition to state and federal support it was necessary for the Village to finance a portion of the construction expense by creating a bond. To pay for the bond it was necessary to ask residents to pay a quarterly utility bill in addition to taxes.

The bond has been paid off and for the last two months the Village Council has been reviewing the costs of maintaining the sewer system.  The result is your quarterly sewer utility bill has been reduced.
Your Village Council is pleased to inform you that each resident will see this reduction in your utility billing the first quarter of 2013.