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Custer Sidewalk Construction

In 2010 the village council discussed the pedestrian walking north on main street from First Street down the hill to the railroad tracks.

The council was aware of the hazard that was created by the lack of margin in thee area as a result of the elevation on both sides of the Sidewalk Constructionstreet. This was complicated by the impeded visibility as a result of the elevation of the street as traffic approached the railroad tracks. 
The council set plans in motion to construct a sidewalk from First Street to the railroad tracks. This led to the construction of new sidewalks form Sanders Street to Second Street and then to US10. 

There was continued construction of new and replacement sidewalks on Madison, First & Third Streets.

Most recently, construction was completed on a side walk from the corner of Main Street and US10 east 500 feet to immediately northUS 10 Sidewalk of the school. This included construction of a patio area in front of the Honor Roll. Benches are planned to accommodate a rest area for students and pedestrians.

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